Anxiety During Pregnancy

Anxiety During Pregnancy


Anxiety During Pregnancy

If you are always surrounded by anxiety, then it will directly affect the baby growing in your womb. Yes! Surely you would like to know how the anxiety you have can affect your baby. (Anxiety During Pregnancy)

Effect On Child in Pregnancy Anxiety

Being a mother is a special feeling as well as a responsibility. A pregnant woman has to change her entire lifestyle. Not only this, one has to be as happy as possible these days.

If it is not done, that is, if you are always surrounded by anxiety, then it will directly affect your baby growing in your womb. Yes! You would like to know how the anxiety you have can affect the baby.

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Food Choices

If the mother is very upset during pregnancy i.e. if she is worried then its effect is seen on the child’s food. He does not like to eat everything. Even it can become a slight extractor in every meal.

Not only this, if the parents are very upset in the early years of their birth, then it affects the nature of the child. He prefers to be isolated from other children or does not feel comfortable in communicating with others.

Away From Mother

If the mother is very upset during pregnancy, then the infant does not feel emotional with her mother. It has been observed that such babies do not like to grow up with their mother.

Not only this, these infants feel uncomfortable with being around the mother. Experts call it insure attachment’s i.e unprotected attachment. It is clear to say that if you are pregnant, it is better that you avoid getting upset and worried. Be happy and make your baby healthy.

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Physical Problem

The mother’s anxiety affects the infant not only emotionally but also physically. Mothers who are very anxious and depressed during pregnancy are surrounded by physical problems.

Experts even claim that such infants have less development than other infants. Not only is this, since birth, these babies troubled by physical problems like gas, stomach pain. In these, the pace of development is also very slow.

Are Introverted

Worry is not only taking the pregnant woman but also affecting the whole personality of the unborn child. The infant becomes introverted due to the worried mother.

He does not like colloquialism more than others. Not only this, they do not like meeting people. They feel restless after seeing the crowd. We like to be cut off from society as much as possible. The anxiety in pregnancy shakes the whole personality of the child.

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Loss of Confidence

Due to depression or anxiety, a pregnant woman suffers from all kinds of problems. For example, he has mental problems as well as problems of gas, etc. on his own.

Along with this, there is a lack of confidence in their baby. As they grow up, they see that they are unable to talk in front of others as they feel afraid. (Anxiety During Pregnancy)


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