Early Signs of Pregnancy

Early Signs of Pregnancy



During the first two weeks of the pregnancy, it is complicated to decide whether you are pregnant or not. These early signs of pregnancy can also be very mild.

However, if you see some strange changes, then you are likely to become pregnant. A home pregnancy test can confirm the suspicion of your mind, but going to the doctor is the best way to get authentic news about this.

Early Signs of Pregnancy

Method 1 – Pay attention to the changes in mood and energy

  1. Pay attention to your energy level:

Laziness is the first and most common symptom of pregnancy. Even if there is no change in your sleeping time, you still feel tired all day. Unnecessary fatigue can also be an early signs of pregnancy.

  1. Keep an eye on taste change during pregnancy:

You will not start having the desire to eat at the very beginning. However, in the early days of pregnancy, you may suddenly start to hate some food items.

You may begin to dislike the aroma of any food or drink that you used to eat with great enthusiasm or that you had no problem eating before.

For example, once you wake up in the morning, the smell of your morning tea or the aroma of coffee may start to feel nausea.

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  1. Pregnancy Mood Swings

Due to pregnancy hormone, your mood may start to change in the beginning. You will see that you are suddenly getting outraged, or you are feeling restless or irritable, or you have become very emotional. You can start crying easily after watching any sad advertisement or show coming on TV.

All these mood swings will be just like you feel before your menstrual cycle (periods) begin.

Method 2 – Pay attention to physical changes during pregnancy:

  1. Menstrual cycle during pregnancy

Missing a period is often considered the first sign of pregnancy. You should remember a little bit about your menstrual cycle so that you have an idea of ​​when you are going to have a period this month. If you are not having your period within this time, then it may mean that you are pregnant. (Early Signs of Pregnancy)

  1. Note the unusual feeling of nausea:

About 25% of pregnant women experience nausea as the first sign of pregnancy. You may feel a mess in your stomach at some point in the day. Some strange smells can also promote feelings of nausea and illness in you.

  1. Pay attention to abnormal bleeding or spotting in pregnancy

Occasionally after implantation, implantation bleeding can also be seen, probably due to the association of the egg with the sperm.

Some women also consider it a mild period, but if you are experiencing other symptoms as well, then this can be considered as a early sign of pregnancy.

These implant bleeding and spots are much lighter than your regular period. You can only see it while cleaning.

Its color may also be different from your regular period. Its color may be more pink or brown than usual.

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  1. Note, if you feel unusual pain

During pregnancy, you may feel unwanted physical discontent. Usually, it can take the form of hard and sore breasts with slight cramping in the uterus.

Like other symptoms of pregnancy, these pains can be just like the pain felt just before the period.

  1. Pay attention to urination habits (bathroom habits)

During pregnancy, your kidneys start making extra fluid or liquid due to increased blood volume in your body. Many women feel a surge in urination during pregnancy.

If you are also finding yourself running towards the bathroom more often than usual, it can also be a sign of your pregnancy.

It is common to have 25% more urine in your body immediately after you become pregnant. An increase in this urine is seen within 10–15 weeks of pregnancy.

After this, due to excess weight gain in your uterus and growing baby to make pressure on your bladder, you will want to urinate more.

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Pregnancy Swelling

  1. Check for softness in your breast

Breast tissue is susceptible to your hormones so that you can see your breast pregnancy symptoms more quickly. You will start to feel tenderness and swelling in your breast from about two weeks after conceiving.

It is also common to feel a kind of excitement and pain. Your breasts may start to become full and heavy. (Early Signs of Pregnancy)

Method 3 – Seeking Medical Evaluation

  1. Take a home pregnancy test

If you feel that you are pregnant, buy a pregnancy test kit from a medical store. Follow the directions on the packet and take a test at home. Usually, you have to put through urine on that stick or take a cup of urine, then dip the test stick in it.

The best time to take this pregnancy test at home is in the morning because at this time, your HCG hormone level is the highest.

Most pregnancy tests are taken a few days after you miss a period. However, there are some tests that you can choose to learn about it first, in which E.P.T.

There is a test that you can take. To find the right time to take the test, follow the instruction on the packet.

After the period is missed, these tests give very accurate results. If you feel that you are pregnant even before you have missed a period, instead of taking a test at home, go to a doctor and take a test.

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  1. Fix an appointment with your health care provider

If you unclear that you are pregnant or have received a positive pregnancy test, make an appointment with your doctor.

During your first visit, your doctor will do some tests to confirm your pregnancy. Doctors can do your urine test in their office, or they can also recommend a blood test for you.

Your doctor can ask you about your medical history, previous pregnancy, your general lifestyle, and the medicines you are taking now.

Your doctor may also do some necessary physical tests to check your good health.

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  1. Seek support

If you are pregnant, this can be an emotional experience for you. If you are waiting for the test results, which may be stressful for you, then talk to your friend, family member, and any other parent about your emotions. And, if you have a therapist, you can also speak to him. (Early Signs of Pregnancy)


Most pregnancy symptoms are often similar to those preceding menstruation. After paying attention and monitoring for a few months, you will begin to understand your body language on your own.

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Very few women have periods during the entire period of pregnancy. Therefore, in all cases, the term does not mean that you are not pregnant. If you have any doubts about your pregnancy, then you should take a test.


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