Effects of Teenage Pregnancy

Effects of Teenage Pregnancy


Effects of Teenage Pregnancy

Giving birth to an infant at a young age is wrong for the health of the child as well as the mother. In such a situation, both the child and the mother may face some problems. In this article, you can know about some such problems. (Effects of Teenage Pregnancy)

Quick Tips

  • Impact on the development of the child of the mother giving birth at an early age.
  • In teenage pregnancy, a woman may have preterm labor pain.
  • Being a mother at the age of 19 years or less cause’s weakness in the body.
  • The normal weight of children born in adolescent pregnancy may be less than normal.

Being a mother at a young age is wrong for a teenager as well as a child. The teenager is not physically and mentally ready to become a mother at the age of 19 or less.

Anxiety During Pregnancy

Due to teenage pregnancy, the health of young women is negatively affected, as well as their education and social life. Every child is affected by the development of his parents.

If the parents are not mentally and physically mature, then the child is directly affected. They do not become aware of the needs of the child due to immaturity.

Teenage pregnancy also affects the future of all. At this age, this time is not less of a challenge for a girl. She is not ready for the role of a mother. It is easier for women to cope with the stress that occurs after the birth of their baby after becoming mature.

However, adolescent girls who become mothers at an early age are often stressed and childcare is affected. Through this article, we talk about some of the other effects of teenage pregnancy.

Child Health Problems

There is a risk of premature birth for a mother when she becomes a mother at an early age. Apart from this, there can also be low weight and other health problems.

Due to teenage pregnancy, the child also does not develop properly because they do not get the necessary nutrients. One reason for increasing neonatal mortality is also teenage pregnancy.

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Preterm Labor Pain

Teenage pregnant face many more problems than a typical pregnant woman. Preterm labor pain can also occur several times during teenage pregnancy. Apart from this, there is a possibility of anemia and high blood pressure problem. 

Effect on Mother’s Health

There are many changes in the body of girls during teenage pregnancy, due to which they may have dizziness, fainting problems. Their routine becomes very difficult for adolescent girls. Due to a lack of nutrients in food, they feel weak and fall prey to many diseases. 

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Ignoring the Child

Teenage mothers are unable to take care of the baby properly. It has also been seen many times that she is not able to connect with the child emotionally. The adolescent mother is also not able to accurately know the needs of the infant, such as when the child is hungry or other needs. 


At birth, the weight of the child is less than 2,500 grams, i.e two and a half kilos, and then it is considered a low-weight baby. The probability of being born to low birth weight babies is higher in mothers who are less than 20 years of age.

Teenage pregnancy is a major cause of increased mortality in newborns and women. To reduce teenage pregnancy, we have to create a conscious society and give information about sex education.


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