First Trimester Pregnancy

First Trimester Pregnancy


First Trimester Pregnancy

There is no greater happiness for women than being a mother. Some women pregnant quickly and some women face difficulty in conceiving. It also affects the mental health of women. If you are also having trouble in conceiving, then you can quickly solve this problem with the help of the tips given below. First Trimester Pregnancy is calculated from day 1 to 12th week.

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Meet the doctor

Being pregnant depends on your body. Before conception, you will have to meet with a doctor and understand the entire process. At the same time, you have to get some tests related to it. These tests will tell you whether you are ready to be pregnant or not. Also, if you find any problem with the test, then you can get it treated in time.

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How To Get Pregnant

Make your body healthy before getting pregnant

Just as a plan is made to do any task, you have to make a complete plan to prepare your body for pregnancy. Under this scheme, you have to start many preparations in advance.

In this, you have to consume folic acid (vitamin B9) for a month in advance. By taking vitamin B9, many problems encountered during conception are cured. Apart from this, it is considered very important to keep weight under control.

Many types of diseases surround the body due to being overweight. That’s why you need to keep your body fit. To make the body healthy, you have to do the following types of tasks.

Take complete diet

You have to keep your body healthy before trying to become pregnant. If you are not able to consume nutrients entirely, then you may face problems in getting pregnant.

Therefore, to be pregnant, you must include specific amounts of fat and protein-rich foods in your diet. Women who want to lose weight before becoming pregnant should consume less fat and high fiber.

Along with this, carbohydrates, proteins, fats, minerals and vitamins should be included in the diet, due to which the hormonal level of the women body remains fine, and they are quickly pregnant. (First Trimester Pregnancy)

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Start taking carbohydrates

A certain amount of carbohydrate is required by our body. Carbohydrates are included in the elements necessary for conception. This is necessary not only for conception but also for the essential functions of the body.

But you have to stay away from carbohydrates that cause harm. For this, you should not consume sugar and processed foods. Instead, you can eat vegetables and fruits.

Sources of carbohydrates are sweet vegetables, potatoes, gram, bananas, mangoes, other fruits (all fruits are sources of carbs) and other herbs like legumes etc.

Include fat in your diet

Our body needs fat, especially Saturated fat, which is considered right for our body. It is also necessary for the smooth functioning of the body. Lipoprotein levels from saturated fat remain low. Increased lipoprotein levels have the potential to cause heart disease.

Saturated fat is also considered essential for our bones, as the work of absorbing calcium is done by saturated fat. Apart from this, fat is also needed for the liver, lungs, brain, nerves and immune system.

Pregnant women primarily need fatty acids. This causes hormones to function regularly and correct uterine blood circulation. As well as the ovulation cycle and the cervical mucus are cured.

This helps the sperm to contact the egg. Sources of fat required by the body include – coconut and coconut oil, olives and olive oil, butter, eggs, avocado and nuts etc.

Things made with junk food and refined oils can harm you. Therefore, you should emphasize on getting fat naturally. (First Trimester Pregnancy)

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Eat protein-rich foods

Protein is required for conception; protein is considered an essential element for the body. Research by the “American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists” found a positive effect on the fertility of women undergoing in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment by consuming a protein-rich diet.

This showed that consuming high protein and low carbohydrates produce better quality eggs in women. Therefore, in order to become pregnant, you should consume foods high in protein and low carbohydrates at least three months in advance. In this, you can get protein from chicken, eggs, low-fat meat, fish, dairy products, legumes, seeds and dry fruits.

Drink plenty of water

Water is considered extremely important for our body. Due to lack of water, all the organs of the body are unable to perform their functions properly. In order to be pregnant, it is necessary for all the organs of your body to function.

Drinking a certain amount of water makes the uterus healthy. In addition, water increases uterine fluid. The sperm completes the passage of the womb with the help of this fluid before it meets the egg. To be pregnant, you should drink the right amount of water every day according to your body. (First Trimester Pregnancy)

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Get a healthy routine

With a robust and regular routine, you can stay away from many diseases. To be pregnant, you must make a change in routine.

Get enough sleep

It is very important to get enough sleep to keep the functioning of all the organs of the body and system of internal organs smooth. It also plays an important role for hormones.

Several studies have shown that the effect of low levels of melatonin and serotonin (essential elements for sleep) in women also reduces the luteal phase. Luteal phase refers to ovulation and menstrual cycle.

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Do the exercise

Exercising regularly allows you to conceive easily. For this, you must first reduce obesity and apply exercise that makes the uterus active. By exercising regularly, you also keep away from diseases that obstruct in pregnancy.

Stay stress-free

Stress also becomes a significant hindrance in getting pregnant. You can take the help of yoga to relieve stress.

Focus on your sexual health

Sexual health of both women and men is necessary to be pregnant. Sexual weakness in any one partner can cause difficulties in getting pregnant. For this reason, both partners have to maintain their sexual health. (First Trimester Pregnancy)

Men should boost sperm health

Let me tell you that the sperm count in the semen of men and their healthiness is also very important in the concept of pregnancy. To increase sperm count, you have to improve your routine.

Also, you will have to stay away from your bad habits. Bad habits like smoking tobacco, smoking and drinking have adverse effects on your sexual health. This causes sperm loss. Also, men should keep their weight under control.

Apart from these, bathing in hot water and sitting in a hot tub bath should be avoided, because bathing with hot water reduces your sperm and they get destroyed. To increase sperm count, you will need to change your diet.

In such a situation, you should include foods containing zinc, folic acid and vitamin C in the food. All these elements increase the sperm count rapidly. But keep in mind that it may take up to three months for the sperm count to increase.

Fertility is more associated with female health, but it is not just about a woman, but men also need a healthy diet to increase their chances of conception. Some of the nutrients that improve semen production and quality in men are:

Zinc is found in pumpkin and spinach. This increases sperm count and motility.

Vitamin C, found in leafy greens and citrus fruits, prevents sperm from gathering together.

Vitamin E, almonds and chia in combination with selenium are found in seeds, which increases sperm quality.

Omega-3 fatty acids are found in fish oil and chia seeds, which increase sperm viability.

Your partner should avoid soybeans because studies have indicated that genistein, a compound found in all soy-based foods such as soy milk or tofu, slows down or destroys human sperm. (First Trimester Pregnancy)

Try to improve your fertility

Eat lots of vegetables and fruits to function well and help your reproductive system. A comprehensive examination of diet and fertility in an eight-year study of over 18,000 women found that these are the eight things that improve fertility in women –

Unsaturated vegetable oil is found in nuts and seeds such as walnuts, almonds, olive oil and avocado oil. This oil improves the body’s sensitivity to insulin and also helps in reducing inflammation. Both of these factors are important for reproduction.

Make sure that you are buying fish from a good place because stale fish leads to health complications.

  • Eat vegetable protein such as beans, peas and nuts.
  • Eat carbohydrates like whole grains, vegetables and fruits.
  • You should eat whole milk and full-fat yoghurt.
  • Take multivitamins to get extra folic acid.
  • It is good to eat iron derived from plants like whole grains, pumpkin, spinach, tomatoes and beetroot.
  • Drink plenty of water.

Also, maintain normal weight and 20-24 BMI. Being overweight can disrupt the menstrual cycle and affect ovulation. And for this, be physically active and try to get enough exercise.

Also, share your medical history with your gynaecologist. Inform them if you are taking any medicines for high blood pressure, diabetes, PCOS, thyroid or any other health problems.

Tell us about previous pregnancies or miscarriages (if any) and your diet and lifestyle etc. (First Trimester Pregnancy)

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What to stay away in First Trimester Pregnancy

Women need to change their eating habits as well as a lifestyle before becoming pregnant. Here we are telling you about the same habits, which you have to distance yourself from before pregnancy or to get away from them for pregnancy.

Stop taking the contraceptive pill

If you are using a birth control method to stop a pregnancy, then you have to leave it before you conceive. Sometimes the method used for birth control also depends on how long your body will be able to conceive. If you are using copper tea for birth control, then after removing it, your body is ready to become pregnant again soon.

Also, if you use hormonal birth control device, then your body takes a little time to become pregnant. Women who have been using birth control for a long time may take some time to become pregnant. Usually, in 6 to 8 weeks after stopping its use, your body is ready for regular pregnancy again.

Pregnancy women should avoid taking any birth control pills before planning. You have to stop receiving these drugs shortly before you conceive. Also, condoms should not be used during sex. To get pregnant, you have to stop using pregnancy prevention measures immediately.

Stop taking these medicines to get pregnant

Some medications may affect the likelihood of conception, and their adverse effects are not right for women. If you are taking any of the following medicines, you will need to check with your doctor before trying to conceive. (First Trimester Pregnancy)

Anti-inflammatory drugs:

There are readily available drugs in this category, such as ibuprofen or aspirin.


Some medications used for chemotherapy for the treatment of cancer can cause permanent ovarian failure.

Neuroleptic Medications:

These are antipsychotic medications that can mess with your periods and cause infertility.


It is used to reduce fluid retention. The effect of the drug is reversible,e and you are able to become pregnant a few months after stopping the medicine.

Pain-relieving drugs.

Drugs to relieve depression.

If your partner is taking the following medicines:


Replacement testosterone (also called supplemental testosterone) affects natural testosterone production, which in turn inhibits sperm production.

Anabolic Steroids:

It is used to build muscle or reduce body fat. But its use also affects fertility. So if your partner is taking these steroid medicines then he should stop taking them.

Anti depressant and anti-anxiety drugs:

Medications prescribed to treat depression and anxiety may inhibit the proper movement of the sperm through the reproductive tract or damage the sperm.

Fungal infection medicine:

Ketoconazole, a drug used to treat fungal infections. If taken in a pill form, it can affect testosterone and sperm production.

What to avoid when trying to get pregnant

Alcohol intake in women in studies has been associated with a lower likelihood of conception. Researchers have come to the conclusion that when a woman drinks alcohol, she is less likely to conceive, even if she is having sex during the fertile days of the month. Even if you only take five or less pegs in a week, you are reducing your chances of having a baby.

Yes, your partner can enjoy a few drinks per week but not more if he does not want to compromise on the quality of semen. Drinking too much alcohol increases the amount of testosterone in the blood, which can cause problems with semen volume and sperm density.

Excessive drinking can also decrease your sexual performance. Apart from this, you and your partner should also avoid excessive consumption of tobacco, cigarettes and coffee. (First Trimester Pregnancy)

There are some foods that you should not eat after planning a pregnancy.


Experts point out that the carbohydrate in sugar is fatal for the body. This makes it difficult to keep your body’s insulin levels under control. Therefore, pregnant women should not consume sugar. Avoid eating refined sugar.

Do not consume fishes containing mercury

Protein content is found in fish. But some fish are such that mercury is very high. If mercury is mixed in the blood of women in large amounts, it causes side effects on fertility. Even if you conceive with it, it can also damage the brain and nervous system of an unborn child.

How to have sex to get pregnant

Sexual intercourse is considered very important for pregnancy. This can be said to be the cornerstone of any woman being pregnant. Pregnancy is possible only after the union of woman and man.

But there is a right way to have sex, by having sex in that way, a woman soon becomes pregnant. When should you have sex, at what time can a woman become pregnant, what is the ovulation process of women, what kind of sex position should you use for pregnancy and what methods you should try for all these It is being explained in further detail.

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Know your ovulation time

One of your ovaries releases an egg every month called ovulation. This egg travels to the fallopian tube where it fuses with the waiting spermatozoa. This process is known as fertilization.

It is important to track your ovulation as you are fertile for only five days. The reason for this is that sperm can live inside your body for a maximum of five days, your egg is only available for 12 to 24 hours for fertilization. (First Trimester Pregnancy)

Ovulation tracking

The ovulation time of every woman can be according to her menstrual cycle. But usually the time of the 16th and 12th days of menstruation can be ovulation period.

Ovulation occurs on the 14th day of the 28-day menstrual cycle, having sex at this time increases the chances of conception. For example, if your menstruation starts on the 30th, then the time of ovulation from 14 to 18 will be the time of ovulation.

Have sex at the right time

Once you understand your ovulation properly, then you should have sex at the time of egg release. After the completion of the egg, the process of pregnancy starts when the sperm is found. Pregnancy chances in women are extremely high at the time of ovulation. Therefore, both partners should try pregnancy at the right time of ovulation.

Choose right sex position to get pregnant

There is little scientific evidence that the position of having sex can help you get pregnant quickly.

Missionary position is the best position to be pregnant.

Rear entry, or what is called a doggie position, can also be tried. In this, the penis easily reaches the cervix. Sperm in this position also have deposits near the female cervix, which increases the chances of conception.

Lying for a while after sex makes women unlikely to have sperm released from their vagina. Therefore it is okay to lie down for 15-20 minutes after sex. (First Trimester Pregnancy)

Do not use lubricant

The use of lubrication during sex makes a difference on the quality of sperm and it also hinders pregnancy. External lubricants contain sperm-destroying elements.

Several studies also prove that using any kind of lubricant during sex weakens the ability of sperm. It is considered good to use it during foreplay, but if you want to become pregnant then you should avoid using lubricant.

Do not make this mistake after having sex to get pregnant

Often, women make such mistakes in the unknown after sex that work to stop their pregnancy.

Look at these mistakes:

Do not stand immediately after sex

Many times women stand immediately after having sex, in which case sperm do not go inside them and come out only. So whenever you have sex, stay on your back for a while so that sperm can enter you and meet the egg.

Cleansing the vagina after sex- Many women go to the bathroom to clean the vagina after sex to avoid any infection. Due to which the sperm comes out while cleaning the vagina with water and women are not pregnant.

For this reason, women should avoid cleaning the vagina immediately after sex to become pregnant.

How long does it take to get pregnant

It does not take much time to become pregnant when the menstrual period and ovulation process is corrected in puberty, but as age progresses, pregnancy begins to get delayed.

Although there are no definite figures for this, but some experts say that after 35 years women take some time to become pregnant.

Women of this age need to seek medical advice if they are unable to conceive after 6 months of continuous effort.

Apart from this, usually women who are not pregnant for 6 months to a year should consult their doctor to find out the reason for this. (First Trimester Pregnancy)

How long to see a doctor after not being pregnant

Women who are under 35 years of age and have not been pregnant even after trying for a year, they should talk to a doctor about this.

Apart from this, if a woman above 35 years of age does not get success even if she tries for pregnancy for 6 months, then the doctor should find out the reasons for not being pregnant.

If you are unable to become pregnant even after a long effort, you should consult a doctor to find out the cause of obstruction in reproduction.

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Fourth week of pregnancy (First Trimester Pregnancy)

If you still doubt whether you are pregnant or not, first confirm your pregnancy. If you do not have menstruation, experience nausea and vomiting or hormonal changes after having unprotected sex, contact a gynecologist immediately or have a pregnancy check-up at home.

Both are better ways to confirm pregnancy. According to doctors, after having unprotected sex, you should do a pregnancy test for 21 days or a week after you have no periods.

If you are pregnant or you are going on for the fourth week of pregnancy then you need to make significant changes in diet and lifestyle.

Fourth week of pregnancy because if you have done pregnancy test even after one week of pregnancy and it has come positive, then counting from the time of implantation, you are currently about one month pregnant.

This means that your first trimester is going on and it is a very important time for your child’s development. The first trimester is counted from your last menstruation to the last day of the 12th week.

There is a high risk of abnormalities in fetal development at this time because the fetus’s brain, heart, head, spinal cord, bones, muscles, tissues, and teeth all develop. If you consume alcohol or other toxic substances, then stop consuming them now for the health of the child.

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Changes in body during 4th week of pregnancy

In the fourth week of pregnancy, your body produces the pregnancy hormone HGC, which can cause anxiety, vomiting, nausea, dizziness, fainting, tiredness, and mood changes.

You will have discomfort and pain in your breasts. At this time, the power of some women increases or they feel the smell of anything more and quickly.

Nausea or vomiting due to bad smell are more likely. But there is no need to worry because of these. As soon as you enter the second trimester of pregnancy, these symptoms soon subside.

Pregnancy in 4th week

The fetus develops very rapidly during the fourth week of pregnancy. By this time conception, fertilization, and implantation have already taken place.

The embryo consists of two layers, known as epiblast and hypoblast. In addition, during this week, amniotic sac (Amniotic sac – sac providing protection to the fetus from outside) and yolk sac (Yolk sac – sac that transfers blood and nutrients to the fetus) also develop. Amniotic fluid is filled in the fetus, which protects the fetus.

In this trimester your baby is 0.4 mm tall i.e equivalent to an apple seed. His heart beats, blood starts pumping and organs begin to develop. (First Trimester Pregnancy)

4th week pregnancy ultrasound

At this time, in the sonogram (ultrasound), a small circle appears in the center, nothing more than this. But this small ball is called Gestational sac.

Some of the cells that make up this later form the placenta. Some help to form embryos and others are necessary for the formation of cells, eyelids, muscles and skin. (First Trimester Pregnancy)

Tips for four weeks’ pregnancy

Immediately change your negative habits. This is the most important time for your child’s development. So do not consume drugs, alcohol and drugs as they can negatively affect the child.

Share your mind with your partner. Express your concerns and concerns and discuss the symptoms you feel. Tell them what you feel so that they understand your situation and always be ready to help and care for you.

Keep in touch with family and friends and maintain good relations so that they will be ready to help you when needed. Doing this does not put all the burden on your partner, especially when it is your first pregnancy because it is the first experience for you as well as your partner.

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Make appointments with your obstetrician.

If you have medical insurance, then find out if the cost of pregnancy time is being covered or not. If this happens, your insurance company will bear the cost of your entire nine months of investigations and deliveries.

Get more and more rest and relaxation. (First Trimester Pregnancy)

4th week pregnancy diet

In the early stages of pregnancy and you experience many new things. Morning sickness, pain, mood changes etc. are many symptoms that you have to face during this time.

Healthy diet helps you to overcome these problems. During this, pay special attention to your diet, because the child is also nourished with it.

You should include fruits and vegetables in your diet, especially those which are rich in folic acid. It helps a lot in developing your child’s nervous system.

Spinach, fenugreek leaves, radish, coriander, carrots, cauliflower, beet etc. are rich sources of folic acid. In fruits, folic acid is found in abundance in melon, avocado, guava and orange.

  • It is present in starchy foods, bread, rice and bran wheat bread etc.
  • Include protein rich foods like chicken, eggs etc. in your daily diet.

During this period, it is necessary to consume enough fluids to avoid fatigue. Coconut water and lemonade are very good beverages for your health, besides these you can have homemade juices and milkshakes which are beneficial for your health.

Do not consume caffeinated beverages and smoke. These can prove to be dangerous for you and your child’s health.

Fifth week of pregnancy (First Trimester Pregnancy)

By the time you enter the fifth week of pregnancy, you start feeling like having no menstruation, home pregnancy test etc. and some pregnancy related problems like morning sickness, pain, breast discomfort, fatigue, dizziness etc.

All this is an important part of the 5th week of pregnancy. This week’s ultrasound shows the presence of the baby in the womb. (First Trimester Pregnancy)

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Body changes in 5th week of pregnancy

In the fifth week you start experiencing all the symptoms of pregnancy and in pregnancy test results, your body has high levels of HCG hormone which means that you are pregnant. But excessive and rapid changes in the level of hormones make it a little difficult to control emotions, resulting in problems such as mood swings.

You may not feel this week, but you will experience abdominal bloating. Your stomach does not grow properly for about 14 weeks, but the pressure on it continuously increases due to which you need more rest. Till this week you cannot guess that you are pregnant.

Baby development in 5th week of pregnancy

In the fifth week of pregnancy, the child starts developing rapidly. By the end of the fifth week it resembles a frog’s baby. It also has a tail and is 1-5 mm in size or length of orange seed. Is of

During this week your baby’s vital organs like heart, central nervous system, bones and muscles etc. develop. Apart from this, skeletons also begin to be formed at this time.

The child’s heart develops rapidly because it has to divide into four chambers and pump blood as well. In some ultrasounds, the baby’s heartbeat begins to be heard by the fifth week.

The construction of the neural tube which eventually converts into the brain and spinal cord begins this week. During this time, the placenta also develops through which your baby receives nutrition. The eyes, ears, nose, mouth, hands and toes etc. also begin to appear. (First Trimester Pregnancy)

5th week pregnancy ultrasound

The black colored ball which appears in ultrasound is called Gestational sac. Finally, this sac is filled by the amniotic fluid in which your baby stays for the next few months.

Inside the fluid is a white colored yolk sac which provides nutrients for your baby to develop before the placenta is fully formed. The + mark near the yolk sac means that the embryo is not yet fully developed.

Through this ultrasound, sonographers measure the length of your fetus and also assess when your last periods occurred or, at the exact time of your pregnancy.

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Tips for pregnancy of the fifth week

By this week, you are absolutely sure that you are pregnant, so if you have not given this good news to your partner, then share this news with them. This is a very important time in your life, if you have not stopped your bad habits or changed your busy lifestyle then start doing it now otherwise you may face many problems.

In the fifth week your baby’s vital organs develop, so change your bad habits (alcohol, smoking, drugs, over-the-counter medicines, etc.) otherwise your child’s health may be threatened. You can contact your nearest Health Department to get rid of their addiction. (First Trimester Pregnancy)

5th week pregnancy diet

This week is a very important week for your child because during this time his development starts very fast. Therefore it needs nutrition to grow.

For this it is necessary that you take necessary and sufficient nutrients. During this time, you should take proper amount of protein, calcium, vitamins, folic acid etc.

You should increase the amount of fruits and green vegetables in your diet. Drink plenty of iron-rich foods, which are very important to build your baby’s red blood cells.

Minimize the intake of coffee or caffeine.

Do not eat outside food as much as possible as it increases the chance of infection.

Increase the amount of protein-rich foods in your diet. There are good sources of protein in dairy products, eggs, chicken etc.

Keep drinking sufficient amount of water as it is very important to keep the body hydrated during this time.

6th week of pregnancy (First Trimester Pregnancy)

Entering the sixth week of pregnancy means that you have already crossed half of the first trimester. Certainly the child grows and develops, due to which many changes take place in your body as well. From this week, the shape of the stomach also changes.

The pregnant woman starts feeling all the signs of pregnancy during this period. And all the tests of pregnancy also have positive results. (First Trimester Pregnancy)

Body changes in 6th week of pregnancy

As the child develops, the symptoms you feel also increase. For example, you will soon feel mood changes, craving for foods, morning sickness, fatigue, weight gain, pain in the breasts, and nausea.

These symptoms of pregnancy will be felt more quickly as your baby grows. They cannot be eliminated, but they can be reduced by some measures.

Many women weigh about 2 kg during the first trimester. Rises to But many women also lose weight during the first six weeks of pregnancy due to vomiting and nausea.

However, there is nothing to worry about because all women have different types of anatomy and all have different experiences related to weight during pregnancy.

Most women go for a medical check-up for the first time in the sixth week of pregnancy. The doctor will do an ultrasound to ensure that the health of the mother and the child is good or not. And this ultrasound test also gives the first glimpse of the developing fetus.

Baby development in 6th week of pregnancy

In the sixth week, changes in your baby, such as growth in the ears, mouth, and nose, will be visible in the ultrasound. Major changes and ultrasounds can be easily selected. The eyes and nostrils also form, which appear as black dots in the ultrasound.

Your child’s hands and feet begin to form and move out of their joints. The baby’s heartbeat is 100–160 beats per minute, which is double that of an adult human.

Blood circulation starts and lungs, intestines, liver and pancreas are all forming. The child looks like a lentil about 4 inches long.

At six weeks of pregnancy, the child is able to do some activities but these activities are so quiet and slow that the pregnant woman is often unaware of them. (First Trimester Pregnancy)

6th week pregnancy ultrasound

You can see a big change in this 3D image of the developing embryo compared to the previous week. The baby keeps changing its position around the umbilicus inside the womb itself and its head appears upwards in the image. Small protrusions are seen at the place of development of hands and feet.

Tips for sixth week pregnancy

Taking care about food during the sixth week is extremely important just because you are pregnant does not mean that you need to eat two people.

Try to consume only 300 extra calories per day. And do not let your weight gain too much, control it. Apart from this, instead of having more food at once, eat small amounts of food thrice a day, along with eating snacks. This will help you control morning sickness, which mostly occurs on an empty stomach.

It is also important to plan for the future from the first quarter. In these, you can choose clothes according to the increase in your size or if you want to sew at home, you can also prepare it yourself. However, you will not need them now. You will need these when you gain weight by at least the end of the 12th week. (First Trimester Pregnancy)

6th week pregnancy diet

Pregnancy is a very important word in itself and any week of pregnancy is prominent in itself. A pregnant woman needs to take her dietary precautions along with other precautions.

During this time the development of the child’s organs takes place very rapidly. You should consume folic acid, vitamins, minerals, protein etc. in sufficient quantity.

Eat your food in a timely and appropriate manner with all the nutrients involved. Eat bread, rice, jowar-millet, maize etc.

You should eat more protein-rich foods.

To avoid fatigue and dehydration, consume sufficient amount of fluids.

Reduce intake of caffeine-rich substances.

7th week of pregnancy (First Trimester Pregnancy)

By the seventh week of your pregnancy, many changes are happening to you and your baby. At this time you are in the middle of your first trimester. If you have not contacted any obstetrician by this time, then do this work in this week.

Because from this time some important tests and check ups will be required to get you done till the birth of the child. The gynecologist will advise you about.

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Body changes in 7th week of pregnancy

Looking at you this week, hardly anyone can recognize that you are pregnant but you may feel swollen. Some women begin to show slight swelling in the lower abdomen.

If you wear jeans, then from this week your favorite jeans will not fit you or the size of other clothes will increase. Or if it is said that the seventh week is the time to choose and wear other clothes then it will not be wrong.

At this time you will experience pregnancy symptoms such as pain, fatigue, morning sickness, breasts discomfort, and increased craving for food (sweet or sour).

During this time your mind wants to eat a specific type of food, like some women like to eat sweet, some are sour and some are salty.

This is a normal process and to an extent healthy for your child. During the seventh week your body develops a mucus plug (it protects the fetus by preventing the entry of bacteria into the uterus).

The cervix forms a plug that protects the uterus by closing the cervical cavity. This plug is automatically removed when delivery time approaches. (First Trimester Pregnancy)

Baby development in 7th week of pregnancy

Your baby is developing rapidly in the seventh week, and is about the size of a blueberry or 13 mm in length. By this time, the face starts to appear clean, that is, the mouth, teeth and tongue are formed.

The eyes also begin to form and the retina and lens are also formed. The child’s own blood group is also formed during this week. Not only does development in muscles, bones, and organs occur, as well as the intestines and appendix are also fully formed.

The liver starts producing red blood cells. Your child’s feet and toes are visible in ultrasound.

7th week pregnancy ultrasound

This week of the first trimester, you will be able to see in the ultrasound that your child is developing into a bubble within the gestational sac.

The bubble around the fetus is the amniotic sac that contains amniotic fluid. This fluid environment helps your child to develop and move.

This amniotic fluid protects your baby from external pressures on the mother’s stomach. The black area inside the head visible in the ultrasound is part of the developing neural tube.

Tips for 7th week of pregnancy

Contact your doctor and if you have not yet convinced any doctor, then definitely do it now. Because they can advise you the right food, medicines and nutrients for pregnancy. Now you will also need to take vitamins, medicines along with folic acid.

Everything you eat from this week has a direct effect on your child. Now you will start giving advice to the family members that eat this and do not eat this etc. You should consult your mother in this regard. (First Trimester Pregnancy)

7th week pregnancy diet

The seventh week of pregnancy is very important from the point of view of food and drink. You should include every nutrient in your diet.

During this time, the child’s eyes and face etc. develop. In addition to diet, nutrients, minerals, vitamins, protein, etc. should also be taken by drugs with the advice of a doctor.

Eat nutritious foods and eat only homemade food.

Reduce the intake of caffeinated foods or if possible.

Keep drinking fluids in sufficient quantity. Because by doing this, there is no fatigue and lack of water, as well as the waste materials of the body keep coming out.

Eighth week of pregnancy (First Trimester Pregnancy)

Many things happen during the eighth week of pregnancy. Although many women schedule their first appointment with the doctor during the sixth and seventh weeks, doctors sometimes recommend waiting until the eighth week or two periods for this appointment. Only then do we recommend to conduct an investigation etc.

The first appointment with the doctor takes a little longer than the rest of the appointments going forward, because the doctors fill you with lots of paperwork, as well as answer a lot of your questions and then do your ultrasound, so that you can give your child To see.

Ultrasound also shows the baby’s heartbeat. If you are going to be the mother of twins, then it will also be known from him. This will give your child a birth certificate after birth. By this week, you have already crossed half of the first quarter.

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Body changes in 8th week of pregnancy

As the eighth week comes and goes, there are many internal changes in your body as well as external changes. As the baby grows, your uterus also grows and in this week the baby is shaped like a grape.

At this time your breasts will start to become more sensitive as they are getting ready for breastfeeding. Varicose veins (Varicose veins- seen to be elevated due to increased blood supply on the upper surface of the skin of the breasts) may also appear.

Not all women see these veins but they are definitely seen in some. Due to changes in hormones inside your body, the areola (the skin around the nipples) and nipples become darker than normal. Montgomery tubercles (small glands present on the surface of the areola) also develop and the nipples begin to enlarge. (First Trimester Pregnancy)

Baby development in 8th week of pregnancy

Many special things happen in the eighth week of pregnancy. First of all, your baby will now be called Fetus from Embryo. At this time, the tail of the fetus also starts disappearing.

This week’s baby is as big as cowpea and about three grams. Her intestines also develop and it spreads and reaches the umbilical cord by the 12th week.

Although it is not visible, genitals also begin to form in her scrotum or ovary. During this time the bones begin to strengthen and elbows, wrists and other joints begin to take shape.

The toes of the feet and hands begin to separate, that is, if you look closely at the ultrasound, you will see the entire twenty fingers of the hands and feet.

Facial items such as the nose are clearly visible, ears are growing and internal and external development also takes place. The jaw and mouth of the baby are also clearly visible. (First Trimester Pregnancy)

8th week pregnancy ultrasound

In this week’s ultrasound image, the fetus is seen lying on its back and its head is on the right side of the screen. During this time you can see that due to the development of his brain, his head has become bigger than before.

His brain is divided into three main parts: the forebrain, the midbrain and the hindbrain. Like the previous week, the westbrain appears as a dot behind the fetal head. (First Trimester Pregnancy)

Tips for 8th week of pregnancy

In the 8th week of pregnancy, buy two maternity bras (according to the change in size of the breasts in pregnancy) before buying clothes according to the baby or your future size.

When you go to buy a maternity bra, buy a bra of one or two centimeters larger than the normal size of your breasts. However, the growth rate of each woman will be different, so buy according to your body.

You can also make another purchase during the eighth week, if you have not, buy pregnancy books. Reading these books will help you understand the experiences and physical changes. Talk to your partner as well as to read these books so that they too feel these experiences.

Keep taking vitamins in the form of medicines to maintain pregnancy health. Because these vitamins contain essential nutrients that are necessary for you and your baby. (First Trimester Pregnancy)

8th week pregnancy diet

10 calories a day is required in the first trimester of pregnancy. Talking about nutrients, it is also very important to consume iron, calcium, protein, folic acid, iodine etc. in proper proportion.

Include every nutrient in your diet and also take the medicines given by the doctor as all the vitamins needed at this time cannot be replenished by diet alone.

Minimize the intake of caffeinated foods.

Eat foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids. These are very beneficial for your baby’s brain development.

Calcium and vitamin D are essential for the development of baby’s teeth and bones.

Eat salad, bread, rice, sprouted grains, green vegetables and dry fruits.

9th week of pregnancy (First Trimester Pregnancy)

During the ninth week of pregnancy, you and your baby are undergoing rapid changes. If you have not yet contacted your doctor, then make sure to get the date of first prenatal test.

Whatever you want to ask the doctor, you can make a note in a diary so that you will not forget anything in that particular time. During the first pregnancy, many questions arise in the mind of the woman, only the right answer can be given by a doctor.

This is why it takes longer in your first appointment with a doctor. In that diary, you can write the names of the medicines you take, exercise, eating routine and any other disease.

Changes in body during 9th week of pregnancy

Your uterus grows day by day, and in the ninth week it becomes the size of a melon. Due to this you may feel swollen and you will also feel a little lethargy. But remember that this happens due to changes in hormones so there is no need to worry.

Your weight can increase from this week but it is more likely to be due to water retention rather than the weight of the baby. Many women experience mood swings and other pregnancy symptoms during this week, but this is again caused by hormones (especially progesterone).

Some pregnancy symptoms such as cramps, pain, swelling and fatigue are felt throughout the pregnancy.

Baby development in 9th week of pregnancy

In this week, your baby reaches the stage of fetus from fetus. The baby is just an inch and taller from the eighth week and the baby is still around three grams (equivalent to the eighth week).

Most of the physical structure of your child is formed, such as head, feet and hands. The upper part of his head is the largest.

Your baby starts gaining weight during the ninth week. In the fourth, fifth week, the present tail disappears completely and the body parts and muscles start functioning.

Her eyelids are folded so that during the next 27 weeks of pregnancy, they close together and open. The genitals also begin to develop but doctors will not see them yet. They will appear properly during the second quarter.

Your child’s heart also divides into four chambers and blood starts pumping in them rapidly. (First Trimester Pregnancy)

9th week pregnancy ultrasound

The fetus appears downward and its head to the left in this week’s ultrasound. In this way, his hands and legs cannot be seen when seen from Angle, but the umbilical cord attached to the baby’s abdomen can be seen. The amniotic fluid that develops around the baby is also visible in this sonography (ultrasound).

Tips for 9th week of pregnancy

If you are struggling with stress and anxiety during this week of pregnancy, then you can do ways to stay away from them like keep yourself busy, listen to music, move around etc.

Nowadays pregnancy classes are prevalent, you can go to them. They are told about the exercises done during pregnancy, eating habits, changes in lifestyle etc. during this period.

Doing this will help you to solve the problems you feel during this time. You can find these classes or centers through the Internet.

It will help to understand what you are going through at the moment. By doing this, they will also help you by understanding your situation in other works.

But keep in mind that all the symptoms felt during this time are completely normal, there is no need to worry about them. (First Trimester Pregnancy)

9th week pregnancy diet

Every week of your pregnancy comes with a new challenge and to face those things, you need to change your diet according to your needs. The time period from 9 to 12 weeks is your baby’s composition time.

Vitamin B and magnesium play an important role in your pregnancy and this is why these nutritious foods are essential for you and your baby’s health. Magnesium helps strengthen your baby’s bones.

Vitamin B6 helps to use the energy from the foods you store in your body. Brown rice, lean meat, chicken, fish and avocado are some good sources of vitamin B6. Include these in your diet.

Vitamin B12 reduces the chance of anemia during pregnancy and protects your nervous system. For vitamin B12, you can include soy milk and cereal in your daily diet.

Magnesium is beneficial for your baby’s development and helps maintain the child’s correct weight. Green leafy vegetables like spinach, radish leaves, mustard greens, fenugreek leaves, dry fruits, dairy products, fish and meat are sources of magnesium.

It is very important to control liquids during this phase and in India, health-related beverages have many options, such as mango shake, water cumin, ginger tea and tomato soup. But try to make all these at home too.

Pregnancy of 10th week (First Trimester Pregnancy)

The risk of congenital abnormalities in the baby decreases after the tenth week of pregnancy. But after entering this week, the risk of abnormalities or deformity is not completely eliminated, but the most important weeks of its development are over. Continued care and therapy can increase you in the weeks leading up to pregnancy.

Body changes during 10th week of pregnancy

Even in the tenth week of pregnancy you cannot be told that you are pregnant, but you start to feel pregnant.

Till now your weight has increased by about one kilogram but from this week you start experiencing more weight gain. As you approach the end of your first trimester, other pregnancy symptoms such as morning sickness are slightly reduced.

By the tenth week, you start feeling more positive about your pregnancy, because your first checkup is already done and you can even hear your baby’s heartbeat.

These moments are very exciting for future parents, and it is helpful in reducing the negative emotions arising due to increased levels of estrogen and progesterone in your body. (First Trimester Pregnancy)

Baby development in 10th week of pregnancy

At this time, the development of the baby is happening rapidly. However this development happens so fast that it becomes a bit difficult to describe.

This week the baby becomes grapefruit. Week by week your child keeps growing at the same pace.

This week, your baby’s internal organs develop, such as the kidneys, liver, intestines, etc. and the brain starts functioning.

During the next three weeks your baby will grow up. The fingernails of the toes will also be visible and if you look more closely, you will also see weeping on the baby’s skin.

10th week pregnancy ultrasound

The baby appears like a newborn in this week’s ultrasound image. His hands and feet also appear. The image consists of facial bones in bright white areas.

Amniotic fluid not only remains outside your baby, the baby can also swallow it. But there is no need to worry, amniotic fluid is not harmful to the child. (First Trimester Pregnancy)

Tips for 10th week pregnancy

If you have done your first checkup and your husband was not with you at that time, then next time you must take them too. If he has any question in his mind, he will ask that too.

The doctor will tell you both about the baby’s heartbeat through ultrasound and you can also see the image of your baby.

All of this will make your husband more interested in your pregnancy as well as feel part of the process. This will create a good relationship between your husband and child, which is very important during pregnancy.

Start buying maternity clothes for yourself too, because now you will need new size clothes very soon.

10th week pregnancy diet

Diet plan from 9 to 12 weeks is almost the same. Foods rich in nutrients like vitamin B, calcium and magnesium are very important for your and your child’s health. Calcium helps to strengthen baby’s teeth and bones etc.

Drink plenty of beverages. Apart from water, you can also drink mango leaf, water cumin, ginger tea and tomato soup etc.

Brown rice, chicken, fish and avocado and meat without fat are good sources of vitamin B6.

Magnesium helps to maintain the correct weight of your baby. Green leafy vegetables like spinach, radish leaves, mustard greens, fenugreek leaves, dry fruits, fish etc. are the major sources of magnesium. (First Trimester Pregnancy)

Vitamin B12 prevents anemia during pregnancy. For vitamin B12, you should consume soy milk and sprouts daily.

11th week of pregnancy (First Trimester Pregnancy)

From the eleventh-week people will start looking at you and saying that you are pregnant because your physical changes will begin appearing from this week.

Your weight will increase, breasts will be bigger and uncomfortable than usual, and your stomach may also be visible from this week.

Due to increased levels of progesterone hormone, your intestinal ability to function decreases, due to which the waste materials of the body do not get out properly, and there is a problem of flatulence. For this reason, constipation etc. occurs in this phase.

However, some women do not have this problem in the beginning.

During this time, you can also see changes in the nails of your hair, feet and hands, which are growing very fast. All this is also due to a sudden increase in hormones. Pregnancy affects every cell in your body in one way or the other.

Most women compare this week’s stomach movement to the baby’s movements, but in reality, this movement is caused by gas forming in your digestive system and not by the baby’s shaking.

Hot flashes or hotter than usual are typical for this week. This happens due to the increase in blood volume in your body.

As the end of the first trimester approaches, most women gain around one to two weights.

Baby development in 11th week of pregnancy

By this time, your baby is 2½ inches tall and about 14 grams in weight. His head is nearly half the size of the body.

The hands and toes are completely separated from each other. The baby’s bones begin to harden and strengthen, but his skin is still transparent. The baby becomes very active but is still too young to make the mother feel the movements.

Despite being surrounded by amniotic fluid, the infant learns to swallow. Other organs are developing, and some of them also start functioning. The baby will double in size over the next three weeks.

Your baby will see more blood vessels in the placenta due to the nutrients and oxygen reaching so that the baby develops quickly. Other organs like ears come to the right position.

11th week pregnancy ultrasound (First Trimester Pregnancy)

The child is seen with an ultrasound on his back and his head to the left and his feet upwards. In this, you can see that his neck is bigger than before and helps in finding the difference between his body and head.

His head currently makes up more than 50% of his body size, which is normal. The bones of the face can again be seen as bright white areas.

Tips for the pregnancy of the 11th week

If you lose or gain weight before getting pregnant, the doctor tells you to increase and decrease the weight respectively during the first trimester. Follow your doctor’s instructions to give your child the proper nutrients.

If you have gained more than two kilograms by the end of the first trimester, you should consult a doctor before making a slight change in your eating habits because only 300 extra calories are needed in a day for the health of the child.

Weight gain of up to 11 kg of a normal-weight woman during the entire pregnancy is considered a good increase in pregnancy weight. (First Trimester Pregnancy)

11th week pregnancy diet

Diet plan up to the 11th week of pregnancy is the same as the 9th and 10th week. Nutrients like vitamins, calcium and magnesium are essential for the health of both mother and child.

Vitamin B6 helps to use the energy from the foods you store in your body. Cock, fish and avocado etc. are good sources of vitamin B6.

Spinach, radish leaves, mustard greens, fenugreek leaves, dry fruits, dairy products, fish and meat etc. are good sources of magnesium.

Drink plenty of beverages. In addition to water, drink water cumin, ginger tea and tomato soup etc.

For vitamin B12, you can include soy milk and sprouted grains in your diet. They do not allow blood loss during this time.

12th week of pregnancy (First Trimester Pregnancy)

The twelfth week is an important week for a pregnant woman. This week marks the end of the critical phase of your child’s growth and development with the first trimester.

Most pregnant women feel safer to share this news with everyone after the completion of pregnancy for three months (12 weeks). If the mother eats the right food, stays healthy, exercises and follows the orders of all the doctors, then the chances of miscarriage are also reduced after coming to this stage.

Body changes during the 12th week of pregnancy

In the outer week, your uterus starts growing above the pubic bone, and between 12-16 weeks, your stomach will  begin to showing.

Some women have a blossoming face but some feel more negative changes in their skin. The color of the areola and nipples becomes darker than normal and freckles and stains appear on the body.

Unfortunately, some women have dark brown spots this week. Although it can be treated by consuming excessive amounts of Vitamin A, it should not be excessive intake of Vitamin A in pregnancy because doing so can also damage the liver among other things.

An increase in progesterone hormone levels causes a burning sensation in the chest that increases day by day.

Your heart rate may increase due to excess blood forming in your body. Your hips will grow more growing for the development of the uterus.

To reduce heartburn, try to eat small amounts of food more often. Do not consume foods that commonly cause chest irritation or are high fibre foods.

Baby development in 12th week of pregnancy

This week is fascinating for your child. Vocal cords develop in it during this week. The entire 20 fingers of his hands and feet and nails start appearing on them, and the intestines develop.

From this week, the facial texture starts to be understood like eyebrows and lips etc. Along with the development of the brain, its hormones also develop because the brain makes its hormones and the nerve cells grow rapidly. Muscles start to react to the brain.

As the brain and muscles develop together, the child starts turning the arm, opening and closing the fist and rotating the wrist and elbow.

12th week pregnancy ultrasound

In this week’s ultrasound, the baby’s head is on the right side, and you will be able to see the texture of his face more clearly than you would expect in a newborn. The developing child has one hand on its face as if it is hiding its eyes.

Tips for 12th week pregnancy

During the time of twelfth week, it is very important for the woman to take care of herself and her child. During this period, the disturbing symptoms of pregnancy such as fatigue, morning sickness, and nausea etc. begin to end.

This is a good sign. This means that pregnancy is progressing well. If these symptoms are not going away or subside, you should tell your doctor about this as it can also be a sign of molar pregnancy, which is an abnormal pregnancy especially when there is bleeding or spotting.

Molar pregnancy means a cyst or ulcer in the uterus. This is due to abnormal development of the placenta and is the leading cause of miscarriage at this stage of pregnancy.

12th week pregnancy diet (First Trimester Pregnancy)

Diet plans up to the 12th week of pregnancy are the same as the 9th, 10th and 11th weeks. Nutrients like calcium, vitamin B and magnesium are essential for the health of you and the child. Magnesium helps to strengthen the baby’s bones.

During this period, consume vitamin B12.

Drink plenty of beverages. Ginger tea, mango leaf, water cumin and tomato soup etc. are also better alternatives to beverages.

Magnesium helps to maintain the correct weight of your baby. Green leafy vegetables, dry fruits, dairy products, fish and meat etc. are good sources of magnesium.

Vitamin B6 helps to use the energy from the foods you store in your body. Consume them more and more.

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