Losing Weight While Pregnant

Losing Weight While Pregnant


How to lose weight when pregnant

Doctors generally do not recommend weight loss during pregnancy. Even overweight and obese women are advised to gain weight during pregnancy. However, to avoid unnecessary weight gain in pregnancy, it is essential to pay attention to a few things. You should be aware of the below written following things. Read and understand losing weight while pregnant is good or not.

Losing Weight While Pregnant

Method 1 – Safety Precautions

  1. Take Proper Diet During Pregnancy:

You should never lose weight while pregnant unless your doctor specifically asks you to do so. Never know the weight loss diet after you know you are pregnant. Actually, women are advised to gain weight during pregnancy.

  • Obese women should gain weight from 7 to 11 kg.
  • Overweight women should increase their weight by 7 to 11 kg.
  • Ordinary weight women should increase the weight from 11 to 16 kg.
  • Ordinary underweight women should increase their weight from 13 to 18 kg.

Dieting during pregnancy can deprive your baby of essential calories, vitamins, and minerals. (Losing Weight While Pregnant)

Exercising During Pregnancy

  1. Know When Weight Loss May Occur:

Weight loss during pregnancy is not recommended, but for many women, weight gain during the first trimester is healthy.

Many women experience challenging symptoms of nausea and vomiting. The symptoms of such nausea in the first trimester are quite intense. In this state, it becomes difficult to eat normally.

Losing weight is not a matter of concern, especially if you are already a little bit fat, because your baby can pull extra calories from your body meat.

  1. Talk to your dietician or a doctor:

If you have a legitimate concern about your weight, talk to your doctor or dietician about how to manage weight while taking care of yourself and your baby’s health. Never start any special diet without discussing with your doctor.

In the first trimester, if you are not able to digest the food or you are losing a lot of weight, then you should talk to the doctor about it immediately. (Losing Weight While Pregnant)

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Method 2 – Staying Healthy During Pregnancy

  1. Pregnancy Calorie Intake:

Women who are having a healthy weight before pregnancy need an average of 300 extra calories in the second and third trimesters of pregnancy.

Normal weight women should consume between 1900 and 2500 calories daily.

Consuming more than the recommended calories daily can give you unhealthy weight gain.

Before pregnancy, discuss your calorie needs with your doctor for all three stages of underweight, overweight, or obesity. These requirements vary from person to person. In some rare and specific circumstances, weight loss should be increased even if it is a good synonym.

If you have twins or multiples in your womb, talk to a doctor about your calorie needs. You need more calories if you have a baby in your belly. (Losing Weight While Pregnant)

  1. Avoid Unhealthy Diet Without Calories:

Avoid Junk Food:

Eating junk food will not only increase your unnecessary weight, but it will also make it difficult for your child to get the necessary nutrients. Staying away from eating junk food during pregnancy helps in maintaining healthy body weight.

Avoid sugar-rich and fat-based diet:

Avoid eating cold-drinks, fried foods, sweets, dairy items such as cheese, creamy milk, greasy meat, etc.

  • Choose less fatty, sugarless, non-greasy foods.
  • Avoid the consumption of tea, coffee, alcohol, raw seafood, and potential sources of bacteria.

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  1. When To Start Taking Prenatal Vitamins:

Your body will need extra nutrients during pregnancy. Prenatal vitamins are taken to meet the requirements of these nutrients without consuming too many calories.

Never take prenatal vitamins as an alternative to real food, even if your doctor has accepted

Weight loss in your situation:

Taking these medicines with food would supply the vitamin with such drugs. And these nutrients are easily absorbed by food.

Folic acid is an essential prenatal vitamin:

  • This markedly reduces the risk of neural-tube defects.
  • Iron, calcium, and omega-3 fatty acids play an important role in keeping your body functioning smoothly and in the child’s development.
  • Avoid medicines that provide additional doses of vitamins A, D, E, and K.

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  1. Take Small Amounts of Food in Pregnancy:

Eating a small amount of food instead of three times in high doses is a strategy used by dieticians to prevent weight gain, which also gives benefits in pregnancy.

Eating whole food is an unpleasant experience during pregnancy due to food disgust, nausea, throat irritation, and indigestion.

While eating small amounts five to six times a day makes it easier to digest. Doing this also relieves pressure on the digestive organs of the growing child. (Losing Weight While Pregnant)

  1. Eat a nutritious, balanced diet during pregnancy:

  • Eat foods that provide folate and include more protein, carbohydrate, healthy fat, and fibrous foods in your diet.
  • Folate is abundant in orange juice, strawberries, spinach, beans, broccoli, etc.:
  • Start your day with the healthy & nutritious breakfast, so that you will feel better the whole day.
  • Choose whole-grain foods instead of processed carbohydrates such as bread.
  • High-fibrous foods help prevent digestive problems such as constipation and control weight: Grains, vegetables, fruits, sprouted pulses, and legumes are good sources of fiber diet.
  • Include fruits & vegetables in your diet as often as possible:
  • Choose healthy (unsaturated) sources such as olive oil, canola oil, peanut oil.

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  1. Take Healthy and Appropriate Snacks in Pregnancy:

  • Snacks for weight loss or weight gain during pregnancy are perfectly suitable for health. Choose healthier snacks and avoid eating excess fatty and sugary foods.
  • Instead of ice-cream or milk-shake, drink smoothies made from bananas or dry fruits.
  • Eat fruits, nuts, gram, etc. between meals:
  • Instead of the usual biscuits and cheese, eat less fatty cookies made from grains.
  • Boiled eggs, cereal toast, yogurt, etc. are also considered snacks.
  • Instead of sweet drinks, choose low sodium fruit juice.
  1. Do Light Exercise in Pregnancy:

Exercise not only reduces weight, but exercise done during pregnancy is essential for healthy weight gain. Pregnant women should do a total of two and a half hours of aerobic activity a week.

Exercise provides relief from pain in pregnancy, and it leads to good sleep and mental health. Regular exercise should be done to reduce the complex problems of pregnancy. This helps in weight loss after pregnancy.

Talk to your doctor and consult before starting any exercise. If you have bleeding or any other problems during the exercise, stop it and contact your doctor immediately.

Walking, swimming, dancing, cycling, etc. are some excellent types of exercise that you can choose from:

Activities such as kick-boxing, basketball, which are prone to stomach injuries, and horse riding, which are likely to fall, be abandoned entirely in pregnancy.

Also, avoid scuba-diving as there is a possibility of gas bubbles forming in your child’s blood. (Losing Weight While Pregnant)

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Never deliberately try to lose weight without your doctor’s specific advice forcibly.


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