Second Trimester Pregnancy

Second Trimester Pregnancy


Second Trimester Pregnancy

Hello Beautiful Women’s. Today we are going to share  Second Trimester Pregnancy program which is from 3th week to 24th week. i am sure this Pregnancy guide will help you a lot. So, lets start the article.

First Trimester Pregnancy

13th week of pregnancy

By the thirteenth week of pregnancy, your first trimester is complete, & in the thirteenth week, you enter the second trimester. But you still have to take a long time, so to stay healthy, eat the right food & exercise accordingly so that you can deal with the symptoms of pregnancy.

The second quarter time is numbered from the 13th week to the 28th week, which is approximately the fourth, fifth, & sixth months. ‘Almost’ because some months have four weeks & some have five.

Changes in body during 13th week of pregnancy

Now the pressure on your bladder will decrease because the uterus comes above your pelvic bones. As your waist becomes thick, the pressure on the bladder also reduces, but due to this, you may have stomach pain.

You may also experience the pain in the lower abdomen & genitals. This pain may be more severe, in which case you may need to go to the doctor. You do not need to hesitate to ask any type of questions related to this to the doctor.

If these pains are due to bleeding, lack of fluids, or any other type of physical deficiency, an appointment should be made with a doctor immediately, as these may also be symptoms of miscarriage.

Chest & throat irritation may also be experienced. They become compassionate due to the enlargement of breasts & the production of colostrum. The milk glands of the breasts develop as they are getting ready to produce milk.

Pregnancy Month by Month

Fetal development in the 13th week of pregnancy – Baby development in 13th week of pregnancy

During the coming & going of the thirteenth week of pregnancy, there are many vital changes in you & the baby. The baby is about three inches tall & weighs between 20-22 grams.

Even now, there is enough space for the baby to grow inside the uterus, & it looks like a newborn baby. Her eyes are taking their place; that is, they come near each other, & her eyebrows are also formed. As the child grows, the intestines in their stomach even start coming to their proper place.

The pancreas produces insulin, & that is important for controlling sugar levels after delivery & later in life. Placenta provides essential nutrients like vitamins, minerals, fat, protein, & oxygen, etc.

Blood transmission from mother to the child occurs through the placenta. By the end of this week, the baby’s bowels also start functioning.

13th week pregnancy ultrasound

In this week’s ultrasound, the child appears to be tilted backward with his head turned to the right. His legs would look upward, bent at the knees. The line seen in the above picture is the scale for the sonographer. By this, they find out the length & age of the child.

Tips for 13th week of pregnancy

Stretch marks will start appearing around your abdomen, breasts, thighs, & hips. If the weight increases slowly, then there is a possibility of decreasing stretch marks, so it is essential to have a properly balanced diet during this time.

Consult a doctor before using any lotion or cream to get rid of stretch marks.

Many women use baby oil to overcome this problem. Immediately after bathing, massage all the areas mentioned above with this oil thoroughly.

Losing Weight While Pregnant

Early Signs of Pregnancy

13th week pregnancy diet

You can consume different types of fruits at this time, but it is better if you give priority to iron & calcium-rich foods. Iron is a mineral that corrects many blood-related problems that are even more necessary during pregnancy.

It increases the number of the red blood cells & controls the flow of oxygen. Calcium not only keeps you healthy as well as provides essential energy.

Include cereal, tofu, soy, & soy-based food products, dry fruits & nuts, lentils, & many other foods.

You can consume vitamin C rich foods for the absorption of iron, like orange juice, lemonade, etc.

Minimize the intake of caffeinated products as it inhibits the absorption of iron.

Calcium can be replenished quickly from dairy products.

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14th week of pregnancy

You may feel a little comfort during the fourteenth week of pregnancy because your body is adapting to internal changes that occur. During this week, you enter the second week of the second trimester, & almost the critical stages of the child’s development are completed, but it is still essential to focus on food.

Body changes in 14th week of pregnancy

The worst symptoms of pregnancy almost disappear from this time, & your weight starts increasing as your weight increases.

Your appetite will increase from this week, & you will think that you probably need to eat two people. But remember, do not forget to do this because it can cause you to gain excess weight, which can be a risk. Your scar spots & scars will become darker, & your breasts will become more sensitive due to milk production.

There may be new warts on your body, but this is normal; there is nothing to worry about. The problem of changing mood quicker increases during this quarter talk to your husband or doctor in this regard.

Itchy Skin During Pregnancy

Joint Pain During Pregnancy

Baby development in 14th week of pregnancy

Eventually, your child’s body also grows with the head. The ears & eyes return to their correct positions.

As the neck lengthens, your child’s chin begins to rise above the chest. Mass muscles continue to develop, but the mother will not be able to feel the baby’s movements even in this week, because the baby is too small for this.

The child receives all nutrients through the placenta. Therefore, at this time, you need to pay more attention to your food & drink.

During the ultrasound, you will be able to see your child closing his fist with his fingers closed, & his fingers will also be separated from each other. Your baby’s heart will beat twice as fast as your heart beats, but this is a normal process.

By the 14th week, the baby becomes three inches long & about 28 grams. At this stage, your child will suck his thumb, & control of his facial muscles increases, ie, he starts to raise eyes, raise eyebrows as older people do during anger.

Apart from this, the baby’s liver starts producing bile, whereas the spleen begins producing red blood cells.

14th week pregnancy ultrasound

This week’s ultrasound shows the child’s head on the right side & his hands on his chest. Through ultrasound, you can also hear your baby’s heartbeat, which is very fast.

Although some parents try to find out about the sex of their child by looking at the genital organs through ultrasound tests during the 14th week, this time is often too early to identify the child’s sex. After a few more weeks, the sonographer can tell the baby, La Ling.

However, one should not even try to find out the gender of the child, & in India, it is also illegal to find out the gender of the child. The Parliament of India banned the process in 1994, & an order has been given for arrest if caught while doing so.

Tips for 14th week of pregnancy

As mentioned above, your appetite increases this week, so it is important that you eat properly & do the necessary exercises correctly. If you feel that you have gained too much weight, then you do not have to reduce your food intake because doing so may decrease the nutrients required for your child’s development.

Start an exercise routine by discussing with the doctor to control weight & make sure you eat a small amount of food more often in a day rather than eating more at once.

Spotting During Pregnancy

14th week pregnancy diet

At this time, consume more iron & calcium-rich foods. Consuming iron during pregnancy does not cause anemia because iron increases the number of red blood cells. Calcium provides you with the necessary energy. The 14th week diet is the same as the 13th week diet.

  • Consume more calcium-rich foods such as milk & milk products, etc.
  • Minimize caffeine intake.
  • Consuming vitamin C rich foods like lemonade, orange juice, etc. provides iron.
  • Take sprouts, soy, dry fruits, etc. for breakfast.

15th week of Pregnancy

Women need to rest a little more during the fifteenth week of pregnancy & the second trimester. Most of the lousy pregnancy symptoms, such as nausea, morning sickness, & fatigue, are reduced day by day. But the pain you feel shortly before delivery is not pressed, so enjoy your pregnancy right now & contact the doctor immediately if you feel any problem.

Pregnancy Night Sweats

Pregnancy Swelling

Body changes in 15th week of pregnancy

As mentioned in the articles before this week, the changes occurring within your body in the fifteenth week are not visible. But this week, the weight of many women increases by about 2 kg. However, each woman earns a different amount.

It is natural to weigh slightly or less than the prescribed weight. The most challenging situation for pregnant women during this week is that there is severe pain in the stomach due to the enlargement of the bones supporting the uterus.

Baby development in 15th week of pregnancy

By this week, your baby is much older than the previous week. Its weight is about 50 grams, & the length is four inches. Her wombs (soft hairs or follicles), also called lanugo, cover the skin to keep the child’s body temperature constant.

The womb stays only till the baby is born, that is, it stays in the womb, that is why they are called wombrom, & it disappears immediately before the birth of the child. Many good & new things happen inside the uterus during the fifteenth week.

The ear bones are hardening, & your baby is now able to hear the sound. Even he starts listening to the heartbeat of the mother, his voice & the sound of breathing, etc.

The woman may not yet feel the baby’s kick or movements. Sometimes only women can have hiccups. These activities may be thought in the later weeks of pregnancy.

Your child starts making mouths like making eyebrows, twitching eyes & sucking thumb, etc. The arms & legs are longer than the head as compared to last week, & this is also important as the head has been the most significant part of the fetus till now. The taste glands begin to form, & the feet & hand nails start to grow.

15th week pregnancy ultrasound

In this week’s ultrasound image, the baby’s hands are above his face. His large bones that make up his skull begin to harden. As they set, they begin to appear more white & shiny in ultrasound. They do not connect properly until the child is born.

Tips for 15th week of pregnancy

Since your stomach has not increased so much that you do not feel troubles due to it nor your weight is so much. You have not even started walking in a new position. Therefore, this week is perfect for learning all this.

From now on, you can begin learning, which is the better way to sleep in pregnancy, how you will feel more relaxed by sitting or what is better posture & standing posture.

If you start practicing now, then it will be effortless to face the difficulties, pain, etc. that come later in pregnancy.

Bleeding During Pregnancy

15th week pregnancy diet

Iron, vitamin, & calcium, magnesium-rich foods should be consumed in maximum during any week’s pregnancy. However, the 15th week diet is the same as the 13th & 14th week diet.

Consuming iron does not cause anemia, as iron increases red blood cell count, & calcium provides you with the necessary energy.

Eat foods made from soy, dry fruits, sprouts, lentils, & other things for breakfast.

Take vitamin-c rich things & fruits. Most citrus fruits like oranges, lemons, etc. contain vitamin C.

Drink more calcium-rich foods such as milk, yogurt, cheese, etc.

Do not reduce or consume caffeine too much because it can be harmful to you & your baby’s health at this time.

16th week of pregnancy

During the second trimester, you have to undergo several tests to know if there is any problem in pregnancy. If there is some chromosomal abnormality in the child, it can be detected by these tests. So get your prenatal check done periodically.

The second trimester is sometimes called the “honeymoon phase” of pregnancy. You will feel that you will start getting more sleep & sleep more this week than in previous weeks.

Changes in the body during 16th week of pregnancy

In the 16th week, there is a considerable change in the shape of your body & breasts. Milk starts producing in the milk glands, & the veins become more visible due to increased blood flow.

This week, your pregnancy weight will increase as well as the waist will also increase due to stretch. Back pain during pregnancy will begin as most women gain 2.2 kg – 4.5 kg by this time.

In this week’s antenatal check-up, doctors may ask you to have an ultrasound so that genetic defects can be detected.

Your doctor may refuse you to sleep on your back from this time. This means from now on, you should start using extra pillows to support the body. For this, many types of pillows come in the market specially designed for pregnancy; you can buy them too.

Supplements During Pregnancy

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Baby development in 16th week of pregnancy

By the 16th week, your baby is already 4 ¾ (five to five) inches long & weighs up to 110 grams. The muscles of the face continue to develop & make more faces than before.

In this week’s ultrasound, the doctor also gets to know the gender of the baby, but you should not try to understand it at all because, in India, there is a ban on knowing the baby’s gender. & if caught doing so, punishment is also specified. The genitals are fully developed & can be easily seen during the sonogram.

As your child grows, you will start to feel his movements. These activities are first felt between 16 & 20 weeks. At this time, visual sensitivity, that is, the child’s viewing power, also starts to develop.

Fat also starts to build up under the baby’s skin, which protects the skin. Urine & blood circulation begin to happen, & your baby can pump around 25 quarts of blood daily.

16th week pregnancy ultrasound

In this week’s ultrasound, the baby’s facial features become more. Sonographers can measure the length of a child’s nasal bone.

This helps to detect some genetic abnormalities. The baby starts protecting his eyes from the intense light with his hands. From this week, the hair on the child’s head also starts coming.

Tips for 16th week of pregnancy

During this week’s appointment, feel free to talk to the doctor about the fears, feelings, pain, or other symptoms.

In this state, you may feel intense pain in both the muscles in your body. But to make sure that this pain is muscle pain or any serious problem, you must contact the doctor.

As the size of the breasts increases, you may need more comfortable bras & maternity clothes.

If you have not yet started thinking of the name of the child, then start it from now.

Bleeding in Pregnancy

16th week pregnancy diet

Iron, vitamin, & calcium, magnesium-rich foods should be consumed more & more during pregnancy. However, the diet of the 16th week of pregnancy is similar to the diet of the 13th, 14th, & 15th weeks.

Consuming iron does not cause anemia because most women suffer from anemia during this time as the blood flow also starts to flow towards the child.

  • Increase intake of calcium-rich foods from this week.
  • Eat fruits & vitamin C rich foods as well.
  • Eat cereal, tofu, dry fruits, nuts, lentils, & other things in breakfast.

17th week of pregnancy

By the 17th week, you start to feel more comfortable with your pregnancy & understand the symptoms of pregnancy; then you also learn to deal with them. Your stomach also now looks like a pregnant woman.

Prevent Anemia in Pregnancy

How to Hide a Pregnancy

Changes in the body during 17th week of pregnancy

By the 17th week, your stomach will start to show up ultimately. The uterus enlarges to provide space for the baby to move around in the abdomen. Your cervix starts pushing the stomach, intestines up or out. You will feel more weight on your stomach when standing than sleeping & sitting.

Some women also sometimes feel sciatic pain in the veins of the feet, which can be very painful. The sciatic vein is the largest in the body & extends from the uterus to the entire leg.

The reason for this pain is usually the pressure on the nerves caused by the growing child. This problem can be reduced by standing at a place for a long time or by putting a pillow under your feet while sleeping.

Doctors may suggest other ways to relieve pain. Excessive sweating may also occur as the blood volume increases.

Besides, some women also experience vaginal discharge or nasal congestion. But these are common conditions & disappear on their own after childbirth.

Baby development in 17th week of pregnancy

At seventeen weeks of pregnancy, the baby is about 5½ inches long & weighs about 140 grams, which is more than the placenta. The length, strength, & thickness of the umbilical cord increase.

The child’s hearing capacity develops rapidly, & for this reason, due to loud sounds, he starts to fear inside the womb itself.

The bones are fully developed, & the ears are located in the right place. Adipose tissue & vernix (the protective covering that grows on the newborn’s skin) develop & help to control body temperature.

A small skeleton is formed from soft bones. The bones are flexible, which helps in the birth of a child through the birth canal. If the child is a boy, then during this 17th week, the prostate glands are formed.

17th week pregnancy ultrasound

In this week’s ultrasound test, the baby’s small right hand is visible, & you can see the bones of his delicate fingers. But your child has not yet grown up enough to use his fingers. After being born, he will also learn to use his fingers; even he will start to hold your finger in his hand.

Tips for the conception of 17th week

Some women start having problems with Rashes from this week & also have new types of allergies. If you are also experiencing these types of symptoms, then do not hesitate to talk to your doctor.

Do not take any type of medicine without the doctor’s advice.

If you are experiencing cramps or discomfort, change your standing, sitting, or sleeping position.

17th week pregnancy diet

During the 17th week of pregnancy, your weight will start increasing gradually, but you will have to check it periodically.

This time is usually the time for your child’s brain & eye development. Also, hormonal glands are also developing. You need to include some extra nutrients in your diets, such as omega-3 fatty acids, iodine, & vitamin D.

Oily fish is one of the good source of omega-3 fatty acids, but you should not consume it twice a week because it contains polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) & dioxins (Dioxins), which are good for your health. They are not good.

In foods, you can drink tofu, soybeans, walnuts, green leafy vegetables, eggs, & milk to get omega 3 fatty acids.

Salmon (a type of fish), shrimp, sardines (small fish), meat, & eggs contain iodine.

Among beverages, Apple Smoothie (a type of shake) & Rasam (soup name) are great drinks for your health.

Healthy Pregnancy Tips

18th week of pregnancy

During the eighteenth week of the pregnancy, some of the women’s have increased appetite. So at this time, you should try to eat healthy & nutritious food which contains a high amount of fiber.

For this, read our article What to eat & what not to eat during pregnancy. This will help you know the nutritious & balanced diet for this time.

Body changes during 18th week pregnancy

During this week, your waist starts growing. If you touch the underside of your abdomen with two fingers, you can feel your uterus.

It becomes melon shaped. Some women gain 5.8 kg by the eighteenth week. But it is not necessary for every woman to learn so much weight because every woman has a different body type.

If your weight is more or less, then talk to your doctor for information about your health. You may have to go to the bathroom early. So make a habit of using the restroom before sleeping or lying down for your rest.

Some women may experience dizziness during this week of pregnancy. This problem can be reduced by changing the position of standing or sitting & not trying to move quickly.

Stretch marks become more & more as your stomach grows, & if the rashes develop more, itching may also increase. Some pregnant women also suffer indigestion, constipation, & chest irritation at this stage. Contact your doctor to relieve these symptoms.

Baby development in 18th week of pregnancy

As your baby’s bones grow & develop stiffness, the feet are first affected. The internal bones of the ears also begin to harden, & the child’s hearing capacity also increases.

As the child’s brain begins sending & receiving neural messages, the child starts to listen & react more quickly. Also, the child begins kicking.

Baby’s length is 5½ inches, & by this week, the weight is about 148 grams. & after that, for a few weeks, these two grow at a slow rate. The child crosses his legs & begins to twist & reverse his joints.

If your baby is in the womb, then her uterus & fallopian tubes will be produced this week.

18th week pregnancy ultrasound

Doctors can evaluate your baby’s size & anatomy at 18–20 weeks of your pregnancy. During this time, the head of the baby appears in ultrasound in such a way that the head circumference or biparietal diameter- BPD can be measured.

During this time span, the most important thing is your child, so keep the necessary checks done from time to time on the advice of the doctor.

Tips for 18th week pregnancy

If this is your first pregnancy & you are waiting for baby movements or signs, but it is taking time to feel them, do not worry. Most women do not experience this until the child grows up; that is, do not bother to wait for some time.

By the definition of a child’s activities, no activities are experienced until 23 weeks, but many women experience this early. & as the weeks progress & the child grows older, women also feel a kick.

What to Eat During Pregnancy

18th week pregnancy diet

In the 18th week of pregnancy, your baby’s brain & eyes develop. Therefore you should include some extra nutrients in your diet like omega-3 fatty acids & iodine etc.

In foods, omega 3 fatty acids are found in tofu, soybeans, walnuts, green leafy vegetables, eggs, & milk, etc.

Omega-3 fatty acids are present in sufficient quantity in oily fish, but for some reason you should consume it only twice a week.

Salmon fish, shrimp, sardines, & eggs contain iodine.

In beverages, apple smoothies are very good for your health.

19th week of pregnancy

The nineteenth week of pregnancy is a crucial week for both the mother & the child because, at this time, there are many essential changes within them. At this time of pregnancy, that is, by the second trimester, the pregnant woman keeps pace with her pregnancy & body changes & begins to understand them.

Body changes in 19th week pregnancy

In the nineteenth week of pregnancy you will see more changes in the outer parts of your body. Your skin may become dry & flaky due to increased metabolic rate & blood volume.

The likelihood of dehydration or dehydration, & your sensitivity to heat will increase. Therefore, the body needs adequate fluids. In this situation, water is the best source, as well as stay away from caffeine as much as possible.

Caffeine increases blood pressure & heart rate & also affects the child. Sodas, fruit juices, & sweet drinks can cause dehydration rather than replenishing liquids. Do not consume artificial sweeteners.

Cocoa butter is perfect for preventing stretch marks, & a proper pregnancy diet also helps reduce skin problems.

Baby development in 19th week of pregnancy

Before the 19th week, your baby was measured from head to hips, but from this week onwards, it will be measured from head to toes.

Now the length of the child is seven & a half inches, & the weight becomes about 200 grams. The baby seems to be bigger than it was last week.

His arms & legs begin to grow in proportion to the body. Hair begins to appear on the head & skin. A smooth layer called Vernix is ​​also formed & protects the skin.

The child’s ability to hear is also almost fully developed. If you have a baby girl growing in your womb, then at this time, there are more than 6 million eggs in her ovaries.

As his bones become stiff & muscle strength, the child will also become more active. You will feel his movements more often, but during this time, the child sleeps for about 20 hours per day & the child becomes more active when the mother has to sleep or rest. You will also notice that your child is afraid of loud noise or noise.

19th week pregnancy ultrasound

Your baby’s legs & arms are developing, & muscles work together. From this week or the next week, you will start feeling the movements of the child. You will see the baby’s bones very clearly in the ultrasound.

Ultrasound has many reasons to show a child’s skeleton & bones. First of all, his skin is still transparent (visible across). As he develops, his skin layers will become thicker as he grows.

Other tissues, such as muscle & fat, are still under construction. Due to all these not being fully developed yet, his bones look so bright.

Exercising During Pregnancy

Tips for 19th week of pregnancy

This week of pregnancy, your baby’s ear & hearing capacity become more developed. So try to keep your surroundings quiet as the noise can cause discomfort to the child. This is an appropriate time for your husband & other family members to talk to the child so that the child begins to recognize their voices.

Try to keep your skin as smooth as possible using lotion etc. By doing this, the chances of getting skin related problems are reduced.

19th week pregnancy diet

In the 19th week of pregnancy, the hormonal glands are developing along with the eyes & brain of the baby, so you should consume omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D, iodine, etc. more & more.

Omega 3 is found in fatty acids, tofu, walnuts, green leafy vegetables such as spinach, mustard greens, fenugreek, eggs, & milk, etc.

Eat oily-fish at least twice a week.

Iodine is found in shrimp fish, meat, & eggs.

Keep the number of beverages balanced. Your body requires a lot of moisture.

Pregnancy in 20th week

The 20th week of your pregnancy is the middle of your second trimester. By this time, you may have experienced symptoms of fatigue, morning sickness, nausea, & other pregnancy symptoms, but you may still experience some fatigue & pain. There are many exciting changes in your child this week.

Body changes in 20th week of pregnancy

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Most women who have a small body face trouble breathing when they are in this phase. This is caused by the child putting pressure on your internal organs.

By this time, your weight increases by about 6-7 kg. From now on, your weight can increase by about half a gram every week. Your waist will increase, & complaints of indigestion, chest irritation, itching, urination, & constipation may occur soon.

Now you have to consume more iron-rich foods because your child also starts using more iron. Fruits, eggs, chicken, dry fruits, sprouted wheat, oatmeal, spinach, & other green leafy vegetables are good sources of iron.

Iron deficiency can cause a variety of problems in pregnancy. Pregnancy in which the issue of anemia & premature delivery is prominent.

 Risk of Teenage Pregnancy

Baby development in 20th week of pregnancy

This week the weight of the baby is about 318 grams, & the length is more than seven & a half inches. The baby’s growth will be slow a few weeks from now. You will probably feel the baby’s movements more because it seems as if it is examining the boundaries of the walls of the womb.

The lungs of the child are not yet mature, but the child is breathing. The newborn’s first stool (Myconeum-Meconium) comes out as a dark green sticky substance. Myconeum contains dead cells & amniotic fluid etc. elements which are swallowed by the child during the digestive process of the mother.

Lanugo means that the hair on the baby’s body in the womb is still on its shape, & the head hair is growing rapidly. The ears are fully functioning, so it becomes more important for you to spend time in a quiet environment, as your child sleeps for 20 hours per day.

20th week pregnancy ultrasound

In this week’s ultrasound, the baby’s legs are in a cross position, & his hands cover his face. It may seem weak right now, but it is right from development. 3-D ultrasound also shows his bones, which are developing day by day.

Tips for 20th week of pregnancy

If it is your second pregnancy or a third pregnancy or if it is the first & you do not want more children, then start getting information about family planning or ways to stop pregnancy.

Feel free to share the chosen family planning plan with your obstetrician so that they can tell you if there is a better way or any related important thing.

If you want, you can start writing things you feel, baby activities, etc. in a diary in which you can write the best moments of your nine months, which no one else can feel. & believe me, you will feel outstanding in reading this diary sometime in the future.

Eat a balanced diet & exercise regularly for you & the child’s health.

20th week pregnancy diet

Eat foods rich in iron, omega-3 fatty acids, iodine, & vitamin D during the 20th week of pregnancy.

To consume iron, you can add dry fruits, eggs, chicken, oatmeal, sprouts, spinach, etc. to your food.

For omega 3 fatty acids, you can consume walnuts, green leafy vegetables, tofu, soybeans, eggs, etc.

Salmon, shrimp, & sardines contain iodine in fish, meat, & eggs. Take them.  

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21st week of pregnancy

During the 21st week of pregnancy, the mother & child begin to recognize each other well. This week, you have already crossed half of the second trimester of your pregnancy. Hence from this week on, it becomes crucial to pay more attention to food as well as exercise.

Many changes are taking place inside & outside the mother’s body, but most of the internal changes are not known. In this article, information about some such changes in mother & child & necessary changes in eating habits is given.

Changes in the body during 21st week of pregnancy

By the 21st week, your weight increases by about 6.8 kg, & from now on, nearly half a gram weight will start increasing every week.

Since your uterus moves upwards of half an inch of your stomach, so your stomach comes out, & now even a stranger can tell that you are pregnant. Your legs may start to have cramps & pain.

To relieve the pain, try to elevate your feet using a pregnancy pillow & also use this pillow regularly from now on.

It is also beneficial in the swelling of your heel, thighs, & feet. As your weight increases, your way of walking will change automatically.

Sometimes you may also faint, so wear loose & comfortable clothes & wear flat shoes instead of high heels.

From now on, your appetite will also increase. Although some people may even refuse you to consume more than 300 calories, it is okay to consume up to 500 calories per day after coming to this level.

To stay healthy, periodically seek advice from your doctor regarding your diet.

Baby development in 21st week of pregnancy

By this week, your baby grows to be almost equal to the placenta. In this, the process of blood circulation starts ultimately. At the same time, the umbilical cord also becomes large & pearl in length.

The digestive system is still maturing as the intestines continue to expand & shrink. The digestive system begins with learning how to swallow the child’s amniotic fluid.

At this stage, the baby’s eyebrows & eyelids are fully developed & cover the tips of the nails, hands, & toes. The baby weighs about 320 grams & is up to 8 inches in length by this week. Your child becomes the size of a large banana.

Ultrasound in 21st week of pregnancy

In this week’s ultrasound, you can see the development of the bones & skeletal structure of the baby as well as its lungs. The sonographer can identify the baby’s heart & lung tissue by looking at his chest.

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Pregnancy tips during 21st week

At this stage, some women feel like consuming unhealthy food like cigarettes, charcoal, ash, or beer. All these things are forbidden in pregnancy, so if such desire arises, talk to your doctor about it.

Also, relax as much as possible & be worry-free as your child can too be stressed if you take the stress. Your baby learns a lot of things in the womb, so everything affects him.

Diet plan in 21st week of pregnancy

All the nutrients are required to keep the child & yourself healthy, for which you should consume different types of fruits. Carbohydrates, protein, & low-fat dairy foods are beneficial for your health. Also, vitamin A & cholesterol play important roles in pregnancy.

Vitamin A improves night vision & helps in the growth of cells & the production of red blood cells. Start taking egg yolk, butter, & milk in your daily diet for vitamin A.

You can consume carrots, sweet potatoes, papayas, & oranges, which are also sources of vitamin-A for beta carotene.

Maintaining cholesterol level is very important as it helps to keep the placenta healthy, which reduces the chances of premature delivery.

Healthy beverages include drinking watermelon juice, figs & apricot shake, beet, & carrot juice. But try to eat homemade juice only, it will help to avoid infection.

22nd week of pregnancy

Many external changes occur in the mother during the 22nd week of pregnancy. As your pregnancy progresses towards the middle or end of the second trimester, you & the baby also develop rapidly.

By this time, you mostly stop feeling the symptoms of pregnancy. However, new symptoms such as pain, etc. are still felt, but in case of more problems, consult a doctor.

Baby development in 22nd week of pregnancy

Your baby’s height increases to 11 inches this week, & the weight increases by only half a gram from the previous week. In shape, it resembles spaghetti squash (spaghetti squash – the oval-shaped yellow fruit found in the squash tree).

Due to the lack of adipose tissue, he is still skinny, but he will recover soon. The skin still contains lanugo, that is, the hair or womb that comes on the baby’s body in the womb, but the internal organs are growing rapidly.

Her eyelashes & eyebrows are separated. Even his eyes are fully developed, but the pupil of the eye is not yet fully developed.

The baby’s liver starts producing various types of enzymes that are necessary for red blood cells to grow. The fetal red blood cells are short-lived, meaning they are quickly depleted, so there is an overproduction of bilirubin (bilirubin-blood pigment) in the fetus.

Sensations from the brain also begin to develop. The child learns to recognize touch. He even starts rubbing his face, neck, torso, & legs. If a baby growing in your womb is a girl, then the uterus, ovaries, & egg cells are entirely formed in it.

Pregnancy Myths And Facts

22nd week pregnancy ultrasound

This week’s ultrasound test shows the baby’s eyes & lips to be more developed. The baby is sleeping for about 12 to 14 hours a day, meaning you will not feel any kick or movement in the meantime.

18 to 22 weeks of pregnancy ultrasound gives you a glimpse of all the major organs & other body parts of the child. You can also do a genetic test at this time to find out the possibility of transfer in the child.

Tips for the 22nd week of pregnancy

As the 22nd week of pregnancy begins, people will start recognizing that you are pregnant. Many people will try to touch your stomach without thinking or asking you anything. Some women do not mind it, but most of the women feel uncomfortable because some family members or friends do not like to refuse, but you have to learn to do it because your heart will be unhappy & restless due to not doing so. Is harmful for

22nd week pregnancy diet

Take all the nutrients at this time. You should consume a variety of fruits, carbohydrates, proteins, & low-fat dairy products. Apart from this, take vitamin A also.

Vitamin A is essential for the eyes & helps in the production of red blood cells. Include egg yolk, butter, & milk in your daily diet for vitamin A.

Beta carotene is also found in good sources of vitamin A. For that, eat carrots, sweet potatoes, papayas, & oranges.

Keep cholesterol levels balanced as it reduces the chances of premature labor.

Drink watermelon juice, beetroot, fig, & carrot juice.

Body changes during the 22nd week of pregnancy

Your weight will start to increase this week. As your waist increases, your weight can also increase by about half a gram every week.

If by last week your weight has increased by about 6.8 kg & you are eating a healthy & balanced diet, then the probability of gaining weight by half a gram every week is more than now.

Talk to your doctor about the weight gain & weight loss during pregnancy, because each woman’s body composition is different & weight loss increases in pregnancy anyway.

Unfortunately, some women do not stop experiencing pregnancy symptoms, & they do not end during pregnancy. In most women, they become less frequent.

At this stage, vaginal discharge is standard in all women due to increased blood flow. You may feel your child’s movements more often during this time.

Teen Pregnancy Facts

23rd week of pregnancy

Both mother & child should gain weight during the 23rd week of pregnancy. The woman should go for antenatal check-ups regularly to know her & the health of the baby. As the second trimester ends, it becomes necessary for the doctor to do these tests.

Body changes during 23rd week 

As the child becomes more active, you will experience more & more of his kick & punches. As soon as the muscles of your womb start pulling, your uterus will come up about 1½ inches. You may experience more frequent urination or vaginal discharge due to increased blood volume in the lower part of your body. But this is normal. If you feel some doubt, talk to your doctor about this.

Baby development in 23rd week of pregnancy

The weight of your baby in the 23rd week can reach half a gram, & the length is about 11.4 inches. In ultrasound, the baby will look like a small doll. The skin of the baby develops red & adipose tissue, but the skin is still loose because the skin is formed more quickly than fat. You can feel the baby’s kick & punches on the walls of the uterus. This is a fascinating time, indeed.

23rd week pregnancy ultrasound

Sonography involves the child’s feet towards his chest. You can see almost the entire image of him. It can now be difficult to draw a picture of the whole body of the child because soon it becomes more than 8 inches in length. He may gain weight in the coming weeks, but for now, he is relatively thin.

Tips for 23rd week pregnancy

In pregnancy you should try to be as happy & excited as possible because stress can affect your child. Do not hesitate to look for the assistance of family members, friends, or anyone else where you feel the need.

Spending more time is better, it also affects your child & this good time can help you stay stress-free during your bad days. The average length & weight of a child reported in previous articles are based on medical data & analyzes.

All women & children have different rates of development, so if in doubt about anything, please consult your doctor.

Diet plan for 23rd week of pregnancy

The 23rd week diet plan is similar to the 21st & 22nd weeks. Include carbohydrate, protein, & dairy foods in your diet. Apart from this, vitamin A & cholesterol must also be consumed.

Maintaining cholesterol level in the body is very important as it helps to keep the placenta healthy.

Drink watermelon juice, apricot shake, beetroot & carrot juice in liquids but eat only homemade juice, which helps to prevent infection.

Eat carrots, sweet potatoes, papayas, & oranges for beta carotene.

Vitamin A helps in the production of red blood cells. You can supply vitamin A by including egg yolk, butter, & milk, etc. in your daily diet.

Best Age to Get Pregnant

24th week of pregnancy

At the 24th week of pregnancy, the end of the second trimester & the beginning of the third trimester are near. The child should not have any complication in the birth, so regular check-ups should be done.

Get a glucose test done to check gestational diabetes as it happens only during pregnancy. About 2–5 percent of pregnant women suffer from it, so this screening is done between the 24th & 28th week of pregnancy.

Body changes in 24th week pregnancy

In the 24th week, some women start experiencing Braxton Hicks contractions. These are sometimes due to the Tightening of the uterus.

Your stomach will probably start to look a little more than before because, at this time, it increases by about two inches. As the skin around your abdomen & breasts spreads, it starts to itch due to being dry.

If we talk about skin dryness, some women also complain of dry eyes at this stage. To get rid of this problem, use eye drops in consultation with a doctor. Many pregnant women experience blurred vision during pregnancy, but this is not a significant problem.

Due to swelling in the mucous membranes, at this time, women suffer from headaches & closed nose. Treat them only after taking advice from a doctor.

Baby development in 24th week of pregnancy

The baby this week is about 680 grams (about 113 grams more than last week), about a foot in length, & like maize earrings. Along with the development of the brain, its taste glands & lungs are also developing.

Muscles & cells also develop in the lungs that produce a chemical agent called surfactant, which the baby needs to breathe outside the womb. If a child is born this week or in the coming few weeks prematurely, then there may be problems in breathing due to lack of it.

His eyes are still closed, but he does activities with his hands & feet & develops the ability to recognize touch. Head hair is still growing, & the child starts practicing breathing through his lungs.

Ultrasound of the 24th week of pregnancy

Ultrasound shows all four chambers of the child’s heart on the left side. A picture of blood flowing from the upper chambers (atria) of the heart to the lower chambers (ventricles) is seen on the right. The walls of the ventricles are thick than the atria because blood is transported to the child’s lungs & the rest of the body.

Pregnancy tips for 24th week

If you have not yet started attending pregnancy yoga classes, start going now. If you do not know such courses, talk to your doctor about it.

Diet for 24th week of pregnancy

At this time, the need for all nutrients increases, for which you should consume various types of fruits as well as carbohydrates, proteins & dairy foods, etc. Also, cholesterol & vitamin A are essential in this quarter.

Vitamin A enhances vision & helps in the growth of cells. For vitamin A, consume egg yolk, milk, & milk-based foods in your daily diet.

Eat carrots, sweet potatoes, papayas, & oranges, which are also excellent sources of Vitamin A.

Maintain cholesterol levels. This reduces the chances of premature delivery.

In healthy beverages, you can drink watermelon juice, beet, & carrot juice. But as far as possible, eat homemade juice only.


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